INIFD Fashion Design Courses at INIFD College Pune

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You'll learn the basics of professional draping, pattern creating, and stitching techniques. You will master computer-aided design (CAD), and learn the way to require a design from conception to finished garment. This singular program guides you to become not only a designer along with your own artistic vision however an expert ready to require your place during this difficult business.

INIFD Fashion Design Courses are continuously thought-about to be the foremost difficult domain in terms of holding creativeness and individuality. At INIFD, we have a three-dimensional approach to style its courses viz. innovation, creativity, and technical skills to supply the scholars with a sound career platform that makes us completely different from alternative Fashion Design Institute in Pune.

INIFD Fashion Design Academy means students are going to be educated the fundamentals of computerized pattern creating technology, flat pattern drafting, sewing, draping, interior lay-outing skills, color schemes, jewelry art forms, and also the list goes on. These courses are designed with the prime focus of creating the scholars well versed with essential ideas that step by step can lead them to hone a lot of refined skills which will facilitate them perceive the finished product.

Nowadays INIFD Pune has left an ineradicable mark in making a talent pool in its field which provides us a definite place among all different  INIFD Fashion Design Institute.
After spending time with INIFD Pune, a student won't solely build an assured satisfying career however additionally will be ready to build worth addition to the domain(s) he's moving and can guarantee a major place within the company ladder.

INIFD Fashion Design Courses:

  • 1, 2, 3 years program.

INIFD Fashion Designing Course in Pune
    First Year | Professional Programme Fashion Design

  • English prose & usage
  • Management skills
  • Fashion illustrations and model drawing
  • Basics of fashion
  • Embroidery
  • Dyeing & printing techniques
  • Element of textiles
  • Drafting & pattern making
  • Garment construction
  • Fashion show training
  • Adobe illustrator
    Second Year Advance Programme Fashion Design

  • Business correspondence & english correspondence
  • Textile study applicable to fashion art
  • Fashion illustration & application
  • Traditional textiles
  • Traditional embroideries
  • Creative embroidery
  • Advanced pattern making
  • Advanced garment construction
  • Adobe photoshop/ coreldraw
    Third Year SpeciaIization Programme Fashion Design

  • Retail marketing & visual merchandising
  • Study of apparel manufacturing process
  • Care renovation & finishes of textiles
  • Creative embroidery
  • Design concept
  • Art portfolio
  • Promotional product development
  • Project work